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Motivation... or not.

I'm having what has to possibly be the most unmotivated day in my existence. Thus far I have accomplished 2 things - getting the oil change for the car and eating lunch.

I have a houseguest showing up on Sunday, and my livingroom looks like a monument to unfinished projects. My office (& guest room) has somewhere in the area of 100 sheets of scrap paper that are peppered with story ideas and partially finished stories that have been partially sorted and placed on every available flat surface, including the floor.

At this rate my house guest will be sleeping in slash.

And  instead of trying to actually accomplish anything else today, I'm screwing around on the computer.
Or going outside to have a smoke.
Or making phone calls.
Or trying to find Chuck seasons 1 & 2 on DVD online for a price that I can actually afford.
Or reading the latest posting on LJ.
Pretty much doing anything except cleaning the house.

So, I hope my house guest understands that I really did try to tidy the place up, and that there are worse things to sleep with than slash.

Some how, I don't think he'll appreciate my perspective on this.


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